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Curtin University
Room Bookings

Room bookings for staff

Web Room Booking (WRB) is open for requests for 2017. Curtin staff members are able to book venues for non-teaching activities such as meetings, maintenance or activities not related to classes, by using Curtin's Web Room Booking (WRB) system.


We are currently working through some final checks with the network team in CITS for the new system, Resource Booker, that will be implemented for staff to make ad-hoc bookings shortly.

So as not to impact on business areas and so that business can continue we are temporarily going to open the previous system, Web Room Booking so that bookings can be submitted for January and February.

The new system will provide a much more efficient process for all staff bookings and any additional information required will be able to be submitted online as part of the booking process. You will also be able to utilise this system from any device and from anywhere. In the interim could you please only submit essential bookings that fall in January or February to minimise the manual submission of all additional catering information etc for you.

We will be providing training sessions and training guides for the new system soon and will send out communications once the new system is available.

Should you have any questions or require further information please contact Caryn Bate at or on 9266 1012


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